St. Lucie Shooting Center offers a variety of courses for licensing, certification, safety, and personal protection, including introductory classes and concealed handgun licensing. The staff and instructors at The St. Lucie Shooting Center believe in the honest citizen's right to firearms. We also believe it is the duty of all honest citizens to protect themselves.

The Most Popular Classes We Offer:

Concealed Carry Weapons Safety Course

Firearm Safety course is required with the concealed weapons permit application .Safety Course includes: Firearm, Target, Ammo & Range Time. (Approximately 3 hours) 

~Group Discounts Available~

The Shooting Center will arrange to hold a safety course at anytime if it is a group of four or more people for your convenience.

The class meets the requirements for students to obtain their Florida Concealed Carry license. This class consists primarily of classroom lecture and it covers firearm safety, basic legal issues, use of force laws and more. (It is strongly recommended, BUT NOT REQUIRED that if you’re new to firearms that you arrange lesson(s) with a certified instructor after the course). 

St. Lucie Shooting Center has several certified Instructors available for your convenience.

We provide all necessary certificates upon completion.

Classes are taught by certified NRA instructors.

Class "D" Security Officers 40 hour license course

Classes offered Monthly, Call the range for class schedule.

Class "G" Statewide Firearms License Course (Revolver & Semi-Automatic) (28 Hours)

Classes offered Monthly, Call the range for class schedule. 

Class "G" Re-qualification Course (Revolver & Semi-Automatic)

Classes offered Monthly, Call the range for class schedule. 

HR-218 Retired Officers Qualification Course offered each month.

Call to reserve and to confirm the date and time 772-340-4499.

Fundamental Handgun Instruction


Private Lessons - all instructors are NRA Certified - Call the Range to schedule a lesson

  • NRA certified courses available.
  • Additional courses offered.
  • Classroom (DS) rental available. Please call the Range at (772) 340-4499.

Concealed Carry Safety Course

Saturday: 10:00AM

Sunday: 10:00 AM

Wednesday: 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Other times available for concealed carry safety course with groups of four or more. 

Call range for details (772) 340-4499.

Sat. & Sun walk-ins welcome. Our classes are NEVER too full to add someone!

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